The Community Health/Vector Control Unit, aims to prevent human disease, injuries and discomfort to the local population and visitors of SVG by controlling mosquitoes, rodents, flies, roaches and other vectors by conducting inspections to identify and  where possible destroy conditions that may lead  to pest infestation.  The Unit also provides to households on sanitation, waste water and domestic solid waste management.  It as also envisaged that this Unit will also contribute to the control of communicable diseases such as dengue, leptospirosis and tuberculosis.

  1. To reduce the incidence of vector and communicable diseases
  2. To build capacity of the FPU and other relevant stakeholders.
  3. To develop and implement a PEO strategy to sensitize the public on Integrated Vector Control   Management, and the prevention of vector borne diseases
  4. To improve data collection and analysis monitoring capabilities of the Environmental Health Division.

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