Mission Statement

The Mental Health Centre is committed to providing the highest possible Psychiatric Mental Health care to the population through the development of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary prevention process by the implementation of carefully designed programmes to meet the Psychiatric/Mental Health needs of society.

Vision Statement

Our people, able to realise their full potential and to use their abilities, work productively and fruitfully, maintain harmonious relationships, and contribute to the development of self, family, community and country.

Performance Indicators
  • Improved holistic patient centered care evidenced by practice records
  • Mental Health Promotion awareness
  • Training/Staff Development
  • Increased productivity and accountability
  • Improved coordination of Psychiatric/Mental Health Services

Improve the quality of Mental Health of the population of SVG and decrease the burden of mental illness.

Key Clients

The Mental Health Centre serves persons who suffer from Mental Illness, Mental Retardation, Drug Abusers and other life styles diseases. The institution interfaces with the Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. However, although we collaborate, assistance is not always forthcoming because of short staff and absence of transport especially in the rural areas.

  1. Upgrade out-patients and community services for the promotion of Mental Health and the prevention of mental disorders.
  2. Decrease the admission and re-admission rate to the Mental Health Centre.
  3. Decrease the length of stay for in-patients at the Mental Health Centre.
  4. Decrease the prevalence of substance abuse.
  5. Enhance the support services so that the mentally ill will be more easily re-integrated  into their communities.
  6. Encourage the involvement and support of family and other social entities so that the mentally ill will be more integrated into society.
  7. To develop programs that will assist in prevention and harm reduction of substance use / abuse.