Mission Statement

The Vector Control Division seeks to reduce transmission and morbidity of vector borne diseases, as well as economic and other losses resulting from the presence of vectors by using available resources and physical, chemical and biological means with the co-operation of the general public.

Vision Statement

The collaborative effort of Vector Control workers with Community Groups for improvement and enhancement in healthier living standards through education.


To reduce disease vectors in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines through Integrated Vector Control methods.

Target Market
  • The General Public
  • Government Departments and Institutions
  • Tourism
  1. To determine the level of vector activity.
  2. To sensitise the public about Integrated Vector Control Management.
  3. To control the breeding of mosquitos at non-domestic sources through scientific methods.
  4. To identify community groups for propagation and distribution of Larvivorous fish.
  5. To reduce the threshold for the spread of dengue fever.
  6. To determine rodent population in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  7. To reduce rodent population.
  8. To conduct Health education programme on the spread of Leptospirosis.
  9. To develop the competence of staff.