General Information
The St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Government Pharmaceutical Service is a dynamic, integral and critical part of patient care provided by the national health care system. The department incorporates: the Central Medical Stores, the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Pharmacy, Modern Medical & Diagnostic Centre Pharmacy, the Community Pharmacy Division and the SVG Pharmacovigilance & Drug Information Centre. Its purpose and objective is to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical care available through a philosophy of “Best Practice” in all activities, whether professional, technical, in service education, research counseling and advocacy.

Mission Statement
To facilitate the attainment of optimal drug related therapeutic outcomes in patients and rational drug use by all Vincentians through provisions for medication access, quality service, drug therapy counseling to patients and drug-safety information to healthcare practitioners and the wider community; and with a focus on the patient experience, the use of innovative and collaborative strategies, a commitment to: evidence-based medicine, educational and research excellence, endeavor provide products and services of the highest standards.

Vision Statement
The vision of the GPS is to acquire and demonstrate required competencies and empathetic disposition, to be known for our service excellence to all of our customer groups in the provision of pharmaceutical across the healthcare continuum.

Programme Objectives
1.    To procure, manage, prepare, dispense and distribute all pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for use within the public health sector.
2.    To promote excellence in pharmaceutical care in order to achieve optimal patient outcomes
3.    To advocate for rational use of drugs, pharmaceutical devices and services towards the desired therapeutic end.
4.    To promote pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, evidence based medication therapy and medication access.