Mission Statement

Providing Geriatric care through a multidisciplinary approach, thus offering various services which will assist the occupants and other users to maintain a sense of self worth.

Vision Statement

The Lewis Punnett Home   aspires to improve the living standard for the Residents, thus making it the most effective entity in offering Geriatric Care/ Service to the Community, with assistance from the general public.


In pursuance of our mission, vision and philosophy the following goals were developed:

  1. Provide quality geriatric care and service to residents, relative to their needs.
  2. Establish administrative systems and procedures to facilitate effective and efficient nursing care, and general administration of the institution.
  3. Research and evaluate the quality of geriatric care and use findings to inform decision-making.
  4. To continue plans to maintain efficient care of residents.
  5. Continue to seek urgent assistance to improve and maintain the present physical structure.
  6. To continue improvement in occupational health and safety measures for Staff, Residents and other users of the Institution.
  7. To seek urgent improvement/ upgrading of the Security system for the Institution.
  8. To continue fostering improved interpersonal relationships with clients/ community and NGO’S.

We believe that:

  1. Each resident is an individual who should be respected and entitled to holistic care utilising the Nursing Process.
  2. The competence of caregivers should be of a high standard through education and experience, which will help them to effectively plan and implement care.
  3. Nursing Administration, Education and Clinical Practice must be entwined to enrich the quality of life for those we serve, so as to enhance the quality of work and life of our health care providers.