The home was first housed at Fort Charlotte at Edinboro until the end of the late 1940’s.   Some older persons still refer to it as “Fort”. It was established at its present site in the early 1950’s, through the generosity of a wealthy landowner, Mr. Lewis Punnett. The Methodist Missionaries from England formerly used this site as a boarding school during the 1930’s and 40’s.
The home which is the only public Geriatric facility was created to house the indigent elderly, however it is being overwhelmed with many young Mentally and Physically Challenged, along with Paraplegic persons, abandoned by their relatives.

The Lewis Punnett Home is now situated at Glen in the Calliaqua Health District, within the East St George Constituency, about 300 yards from the Mental Health Centre, and approximately four (4) miles from the city and has been serving the people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for fifty years.

In 1950, Mr. Leslie Lewis Punnett handed over this institution to the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to be used as a home for the destitute, aged and  poor. (According to my informant this institution was previously used as a Private Secondary School.)

At that time sixty-five (65) residents: male and female entered the home, these were mainly transferred from the then Hanson's Home. Two of the female residents are still with us. During that time care was provided by one Registered Nurse-in-charge and Nursing Aides who were not formally trained. A Doctor and a dispenser were assigned to the institution.

Over the years several changes have been taking place at the institution. During the last eight years the institution has been referred to as a "Nursing Home"- as more Registered Nurses have been assigned to the institution. Between 1993 - 1995 noted changes were made by the Departmental Sister, at that time, in creating a more user friendly/accommodating working environment for staff.

With the inception of an increased number of trained personnel on staff, the quality of care continues to improve as we seek to extend nursing care to our residents. Since 1996 we have referred to our clients as 'residents' instead of 'inmates', which they were formerly called. We now have our mission statement and philosophy and we have our “Logo” Love Protection Happiness (LPH).

In October 1998, we held our first “Open Day”. In November 1999, we held our first Prize Giving Ceremony. A staff development programme was instituted in the year 2000 to have staff trained in “Caring for the Elderly”. A Medical Doctor visits the institution once a week and answers calls when there is a need for medical intervention. The dentist visits as he is needed and some residents are sent to the Kingstown General Hospital for physiotherapy, however, recently the physiotherapy team visits on site.

We offer quality care to our residents and they are only transferred to the Kingstown General Hospital when there is a need for further intervention. Some social activities and Occupational Therapy take place at the institution. The Quality of Life Association for the Aged (LPH) conducts regular social activities for residents.