Mission Statement

The Community Nursing Services is committed to provide high quality primary, secondary and tertiary Health Care Services to individuals and families within the Community and District Hospitals, using the Health Team approach.

Vision Statement

The Community Nursing Service aims to provide high quality, cost effective individualized patient/client care, which is available, acceptable, accessible, and affordable to all persons who through health promotion adapt and practice healthy lifestyles, thus reducing the morbidity and mortality of Communicable Non-Communicable Diseases.

Goals of the Community Nursing Service
  1. Provide comprehensive, coordinative and collaborative Nursing Care to meet patient/client needs, thus improving the health status of the population.
  2. Foster the commitment of nursing personnel to the attainment of excellence in nursing.
  3. Strengthen linkages with other service areas in the provision of continuous care.
  4. Participate in primary, secondary, and rehabilitative health care strategies and programmes.
  5. Conduct research on issues that have implications for nursing practice and Epidemiological trends.
  6. Foster the development of nursing personnel through Staff Development programmes.
  7. Develop and execute administrative structures to facilitate quality patient/client care and efficient nursing management and administration.
  8. Participate in the education of nurses and allied health personnel.
  9. Provide competent practitioners in appropriate numbers and mix for the delivery of effective and efficient health care.
  10. Ensure the continued development of the infrastructure in the Community Nursing Service for the improvement of delivery of care and the benefit of care given.