The main objective of the Food Protection Unit (FPU) is to enforce the regulatory provisions of the Food Vendors and Food Vending Establishment Regulations (1957), which includes among other things, reducing or eliminating the illegal operations and insanitary conditions that exists in food establishments and in so doing protect consumers from food borne diseases.  The Unit will be mainly responsible for the inspection and registration of food establishments as well as the certification of food handlers.

  1. To strengthen and enforce the regulatory Framework to facilitate an effective food safety programme.

  2. To build capacity of the FPU and other relevant stakeholders.

  3.  To improve data management for the Food Safety

  4.  mprove collection, storage and analysis of data

  5.  To develop and implement a PEO Strategy for Food Safety

  6. Food Safety Promotional Campaign

  7. To incorporate port health activities into food safety monitoring programme