Mission Statement

The Environmental Management Department seeks to monitor, regulate, improve and maintain the environmental health of all Vincentians by promoting sound environmental health practices, reducing the incidence of vector borne diseases and through the sustainable use and management protect, conserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of SVG, thus contributing to sustainable development.


  1. To be a multidisciplinary unit that can effectively monitor all environmental activities nationally.

  2. To provide support to all other Ministries and agencies in the execution of environmental activities/projects.

  3. To provide technical support to sustainable development initiatives nationally.

  4. To coordinate local, regional and international activities relating to environmental conventions, agreements and or protocols.

  5. To monitor, regulate, improve, maintain and safeguard environmental health of the State.

  6. To provide for expenses associated with the removal of garbage and upkeep of public latrines/toilets and baths.

  7. To provide for staffing and operational expenses in relation to the schemes for Vector Control in the State.