Mission Statement

To provide equitable, quality, sustainable, comprehensive, primary, secondary and teritary health care, health promotion, nutrition and health education services to the population.  To promote the protection and preservation of the environment and its natural resources, through a process of health services delivery, environmental/research and dynamic management within the context of available resources, thus contributing to a healthier nation living in environmentally safe and friendly communities.

The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality hospital services to all users through a team approach, while upgrading care continually through various methodologies.

We shall achieve our mission by upholding the following:

Accountability: We will always take personal responsibility for the decisions we make or influence as we practise good stewardship of the patients and resources entrusted to our care.

Commitment: We pledge to serve whole-heartedly and unstintingly, and seek to express this sincerely through our words and actions to our profession, our patients, our co-workers and the Kingstown General Hospital Team.

Confidentiality: We pledge to hold all personal information entrusted to us in confidence, seeking to establish trust by respecting the rights of patients to privacy.

Efficiency: We will always strive for excellence; doing the best job possible regardless of the task; utilising reliable and tested ways of delivering care and working towards desired outcomes, using the best available resources.

Professionalism: We will maintain high levels of competence and skill in performance of hospital functions and practice according to the ethics governing our work, with regards to the rights of the patients.

Prudence: We will carry out our task in a cost effective manner, utilising our resources to obtain the maximum benefits without compromising quality, while reducing wastage and increasing patient satisfaction and well-being.

Respect: We endeavor to serve all our users without prejudice regardless of colour, class or creed, having concern for human life and accepting that people are individuals with different needs.

Vision Statement

To be an autonomous and financially viable organisation recognised as a centre of excellence for health care in the Eastern Caribbean.


To provide patient care, teaching and research.


In keeping with the Ministry of Health’s goal “Health for All”,  we adhere to the following and believe that:

  • Each patient is an individual human being who has the right to effective and efficient health care.
  • Each individual has guaranteed access to the hospital service regardless of his/ her ability to pay.
  • Hospital care is an integral part of the nation’s development.
  • The hospital care services will not be provided in isolation, but will evolve to meet the changing health needs of the society.
  • The Kingstown General Hospital will provide care at Primary and Secondary level and whenever possible, at Tertiary level.