Mission Statement

To operate a Supplementary Feeding Programme with particular emphasis on promoting food security and good nutrition in the nutritionally vulnerable groups of the population namely, disadvantaged, pregnant and nursing (mainly teenaged) women and their children most at riskĀ of mal-nutrition and other related deficiencies.

Vision Statement

That a continued timely supply of nutritional supplements amounting to of their daily nutrient requirement to these groups identified at risk of mal-nutrition would result in the prevention and/or reduction of that condition and lead to improved health and a better quality of life.

  1. Provide a nutrient supplement to children attending Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and Multi-Purpose Centres.
  2. Improve the nutrition status of Pregnant and Lactating Mothers thereby in creasing the weight of children at and after birth.
  3. Prevent the incidence of all forms of mal-nutrition in children up to five years of age.
  4. Reduce as far as possible the incidence and prevalence of mild, moderate and severe mal-nutrition in pregnant and lactating mothers and in children up to Primary School age.
  5. To provide support to poor and indigent families
  1. Adequate supply and timely delivery of food supplies in good condition to these institutions.
  2. Training of all food-handlers in the schools.
  3. Skills training for people in several communities.
Target Groups
  1. Pregnant and lactating teenage mothers and children who are showing signs of mal-nutrition and who are unmarried/single parent unemployed or of low income.
  2. Children of disadvantaged mothers who are showing signs of mal-nutrition and low concentration in the classroom.
Plans and Projects
  • Evaluate the Feeding Programme with assistance from Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI).
  • Sponsor skills training for people in various communities.
  • Expand the programme to include geriatrics.