A list of Health Facilities to contact in an emergency or if you are currently experiencing coronavirus symptoms

Northern Grenadines Health District

Health Facility Telephone  Number
Bequia Hospital 458-3294
Port Elizabeth HC  457-3328
Paget Farm HC  458-3302


 Southern Grenadines Health District

 Health Facility Telephone Number
Clifton, Union Island Hospital 458-8339
 Ashton, Union Island HC 458-8245
 Canouan HC 458-8305
 Mayreau HC 485-8215


 Marriaqua Health District

Health Facility Telephone Number
Marriaqua HC 458-5245
Levi Latham Hospital 458-5245
Richlan Park HC 458-5440
Lowmans Windward HC 457-6794
Calder HC 458-5248
Greggs HC 458-5245
Evesham HC 451-3155


 Pembroke Health District

Health Facility  Telephone Number
Retreat HC 458-7224
Buccament Bay Polyclinic 458-7191
Barrouallie HC 458-7327
Layou HC 458-7245
Campden Park HC 456-1640
Clare Valley HC 457-8390


 Kingstown Health District

 Health Facility  Telephone Number
Kingstown HC 458-6335
A&E, Milton Cato Memorial Hospital 456-1955


 Georgetown Health District

Health Facility Telephone Number
Georgetown HC 458-6652
Medical Medical And Diagnostic Centre 532-1400
Sandy Bay HC 457-6836
Fancy HC 457-6838
Overland HC 457-6835
Owia HC 457-6837
Byrea HC 458-6510


 Chateaubelair Health District

Health Facility Telephone Number
Chateaubelair HC 458-2228
Chateaubelair Hospital 458-7860
Troumaca HC 4582222
Rose Hall HC 458-2232
Coull's Hill HC 458-2218
Spring Village HC 458-2352


 Cedars Health District

Health Facility Telephone Number
Diamond HC 458-6213
Biabou HC 458-0217
Park Hill HC 458-6413
Colonaire HC 458-6251
South Rivers HC 458-6252


Calliaqua Health District

Health Facility Telephone  Number
Calliaqua HC        458-4280
Sion Hill HC 456-1508
Belair HC  458-4579
Stubs Polyclinic 458-0743
Enhams HC 458-4262




Minister Luke Browne

Hon. Robert T.L.V. Browne

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