In 1979, the lone Dental Surgeon attached to the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was joined by two Dental Nurses. At this time there was one Government Dental Clinic and this was located at the Kingstown General  Hospital in Kingstown. The new nurses were then responsible for the dental treatment of all children attending the clinic, while the Dental Surgeon attended to the needs of the adults. In about 1983, two more Dental Nurses were added to the staff and new clinics were established - one on Union Island and the other in Georgetown. These new clinics were manned by Dental Nurses and accommodated children from the surrounding districts, while all other cases were referred to the Dental Surgeon at the Kingstown Dental Clinic.

In 1984 two more Dental Nurses joined the service. One was placed in Layou, where a temporary clinic was set up at the health centre. This Dental Nurse also held clinics at Coulls Hill, Barrouallie and Chateaubelair from time to time. A Dental Chair was placed at the health centre in Barrouallie for these clinics. A permanent dental clinic was established in Buccament Bay in 1988 and the temporary one in Layou was closed.

In about 1990 a Dental Clinic was established and manned at the Levi Latham Health Centre in Mesopotamia. A Dental Clinic was also established in Bequia and manned on a temporary basis by a Dentist who volunteered to visit the island from time to time. In about 1985 this clinic saw the services of Dental Nurses for two days every month. This continued on a part-time basis until 1996 when a Dental Nurse was based there permanently. At this time, a government Dental Surgeon worked for two days every week on a permanent basis. In January 2003 this position changed with Bequia now having the services of a Dental Nurse for two days per week, and the services of the Dental Surgeon continuing two days per week.

A Dental Clinic has now been established and is functional at Chateaubelair.