Highlights for first quarter 2013


  • Cabinet-approved National Food and Nutrition Policy and Plan of Action (2003).
  • Launch of the Cabinet-approved National Food-based Dietary Guidelines (2006).
  • Development of new Child Health Records for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2010).
  • Introduction of new World Health Organization Child Growth Standards in all government health centres (2010).
  • 90% of District Nurses, Nursing Assistants and Community Health Aides trained in new child growth monitoring standards (2009-2010).
  • 50% of nursing staff and 20% early childhood educators trained in UNICEF/WHO infant and young child feeding guidelines (2007-2010).
  • Introduction of new surveillance system for monitoring nutritional status in children under five years registered at government health centres (2011).
  • Integration of critical nutrition indicators in the Health Information System.
  • 100% of successful registered nurses provided with thirty (30) hours of training in human nutrition and diet therapy (1990-2012).
  • 90% of VINSAVE trainee Early Childhood Educators provided with eighteen (18) hours of training in infant and young child nutrition (1990-2012).
  • Methodology documented for nutrition component of National Health and Nutrition Survey (2012).
  • Healthy Nutrition for Workplaces Programme conducted for SVG Coastguard, Ministry of Finance, Invest SVG, and Ministry of Housing (2012).
  • Nutrition Youth Summer Camp conducted for Kingstown Health District (2012).
  • National Infant and Young Child Nutrition Policy submitted to Cabinet (2012).
  • Nutrition Screening and Referral System introduced at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (2012).


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