The Pathology Laboratory, Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is the only public laboratory providing services both of a clinical and public health nature. The Laboratory continues to deliver services in a mostly consistent manner in the disciplines of Microbiology, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunohaematology, Serology, Cytology and Histology. This it does as it faces challenges of a varied and continual nature.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the effective functioning of national health surveillance and care systems by the provision of timely, accurate and relevant results to the right clients at the right time, through the use of appropriate technology, skilled personnel and continuous strengthening of quality assurance systems.

  1. Deliver timely and relevant services to all users

  2. Strengthen Quality Assurance Management Systems

  3. Strengthen Laboratory Management Systems

  4. Upgrade and expand Blood Donation Services

  5. Continue Staff Development

The laboratory continues to be an extremely critical link in the health care chain in SVG and its effective and efficient operation is fundamental to the health and well being of the nation.