The Community Nursing Service is committed to provide high quality primary, secondary and tertiary health care services to every individual within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines using the health team approach.


The Community Nursing Service aims to provide high quality, cost effective, individualized patient/ client care, which is available, acceptable, accessible, and affordable to all persons who through health promotion adapt and practice healthy lifestyles thus reducing morbidity and mortality.

  • Train all the human resources based on needs and trends to enhance efficiency.

  • Manage the available human resources to provide 24hours coverage at all health centers and districts hospitals.

  • Collaborate with the Public Work Department regarding maintenance of existing health facilities.

  • Continue to improve the managerial capacity of the Community Nursing Service.

  • Strengthen the EPI Programme to include new and improved vaccines.

  • Maintain immunization coverage at 95% and above for children 0-5 years old.

  • Continue to target at risk/special interest group against vaccine preventable diseases.

  • Prompt surveillance of all notifiable diseases to include emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases.

  • Develop and implement programmes /strategies to improve the management of CNCDs.

  • Sustain the School Health Programme in all Pre and Primary Schools.

  • Improve the delivery of service in Occupational Health and Safety to meet the needs of the working population.

  • Improve the quality of care in Family Health Services to meet the needs of the population.

  • Use the research process to prioritize and develop evidence-base programme for Community Nursing Service.