The Pharmaceutical Services embodies all activities relating to procurement, storage, and distribution of pharmaceuticals, supplies and administration of Pharmaceutical Care to clients.

This department incorporates the Central Medical Stores and all Hospitals and Health Centres under, Central Medical Stores and Pharmaceutical Services.
Pharmaceutical Services covers all dispensing facilities throughout the state. At present there are 38 district pharmacies and one at the Mental Health Centre, which services the Lewis Punnett Home. These pharmacies are divided up into districts with 2 - 5 pharmacies to a district.

The Pharmaceutical Services supervises and coordinates the activities at these centres to ensure dependable access to efficient and professional Pharmaceutical Care. All pharmacies are staffed with proficiently trained pharmacists who attend to particular needs of patients who access services at the health institutions daily.


Minister Luke Browne

Hon. Robert T.L.V. Browne

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The information provided here is only intended to offer guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. Always consult a licensed health care professional or medical doctor before using any medication or changing your medical regime.

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More than 1.4 billion adults are putting themselves at heightened risk of deadly diseases by not getting enough exercise, according to the World Health Organization.

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