CARICOM AIDS Secretariat Held Two-day Workshop
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 13:35

The CARICOM AIDS Secretariat within the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment held two days of workshops on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th November, as part of activities to mark World AIDS Day.

The workshops, which were held at the Fisheries Complex in Kingstown, focused mainly on Stigma and Discrimination.

World AIDS Day is observed under the theme “A Right to Health”.

The United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), has launched a new report showing that access to treatment has risen significantly. In 2000, only 685,000 people living with HIV had access to anti-retroviral therapy. By June 2017, around 20.9 million people had access to the life-saving medicines.

UNAIDS said that such a dramatic scale-up could not have happened without the courage and determination of people living with HIV demanding and claiming their rights, backed by steady, strong leadership and financial commitment.

Global HIV statistics have shown that 76.1 million people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic, while 35 million of those have died from AIDS-related illnesses.  1.8 million persons became newly infected with HIV in 2016 and of that figure 1 million died from the disease.





Hon. Robert T.L.V. Browne