A total of 8 children recently had highly specialised scoliosis surgeries performed on them at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

This number includes 3 children from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and 5 children from other countries in the Eastern Caribbean. Scoliosis surgeries are delicate procedures geared at correcting curvature of the spine. The surgeries were all successful and completed without incident.

The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital has emerged as a centre of excellence for pediatric care in the OECS. This justifies the government’s recent investments in upgrading the operating theatre (OT) at the MCMH and its ancillary facilities. The OT was outfitted with specialised and cutting edge equipment valued at XCD $2.7 million that made the surgeries possible. Additionally, the cost of upgrading the physical infrastructure of the operating theatre, recovery room and intensive care unit amounted to approximately XCD $4 million. Therefore, the total investment in these facilities in recent times (physical upgrades and equipment) is XCD $6.7 million. The procedures were done by World Pediatric Project surgeons in conjunction with local health experts.

The beneficiary children and their families expressed a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in their care and treatment, and gave a vote of confidence to the hospital and its facilities. Minister of Health, the Honourable Luke Browne, was on hand for comment. He said “healthcare is moving in the right direction and the Ministry is working to ensure we continue to make progress every day. These children have been given a new lease on life and could stand up straight, walk upright and take their rightful place in society.”

SOURCE:Ministry Of Health Wellness And The Environment