World Pediatric Project (WPP) extends aid to the underprivileged, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The non-profit organization, with support from stakeholders, has embarked on a mission outside of the usual scope of providing critical tertiary healthcare, for a one-off assistance in the form of providing essentials, as a form of comfort to Vincentian families. The project is being rolled out in two phases.

The initiative, "WPP COVID-19 Aid", would help at least 200 families who would receive “Hope and Care Packages”, which contain essential supplies that would offer substantial comfort during the challenging times as a result of the pandemic. Each “Hope and Care Package”, estimated to the sum of $600.00, will be provided to WPP families with basic needs.

Phase one of the project was executed over three consecutive days from June 15, 2020. The local WPP team delivered packages to the doorsteps of families on the Windward, (as far as Fancy), Central, and Leeward, (as far as Chateaubelair), zones of the country. Other areas, including the Grenadines, will receive packages in the second phase.

The Hope and Care Package comprises food and hygiene items. Food includes rice, flour, canned goods, pasta, sugar, oil, crackers, milk, peas, eggs, ketchup, and tea bags. The hygiene kits contain: hand sanitizer, disinfectant, toilet paper, bleach, bath soap, hand soap, and toothpaste.

A recipient from the Warren family, on the Windward side of the island, said thanks to WPP for the gesture. “What WPP has done, it will go a long way, and also the love and support of being there for us over the years" expressed Mrs. Warren. 
The Edwards family, from the Central zone, expressed her gratitude to the WPP team. “My happiness receiving the box almost killed me when I saw what was in it, I am stunted. I wasn’t expecting this much, thanks again,” were the words from Mrs. Edwards.

WPP Executive Director - Eastern Caribbean, Lauren McIntosh, indicated her delight at the opportunity to assist families. "It is undoubtedly a challenging time globally. To have stakeholders coming to the fore at this point, when our fundraising events have been either cancelled or postponed, is really heartening. We are fortunate to have such stakeholders who can make it possible for us to extend assistance to WPP families in such dire circumstances. We are fortunate to execute this initiative, which ensures we stay connected to our children and provides some relief to families," said Ms. McIntosh. 

The remaining phase of the COVID-19 Aid, will be rolled out at the beginning of July 2020, which will see at least another 100 families benefiting from the Hope and Care Package.

About World Pediatric Project

WPP is a non-profit organization that provides tertiary critical healthcare to children throughout the Eastern Caribbean and Central America at no cost to the families. Since 2002, WPP has provided pediatric surgical and diagnostic care to children under the age of 21 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Over the last 18 years, in SVG, the hub of the Eastern Caribbean, WPP assessed over 8000 children, of whom over 3200 had surgeries or procedures, with several US referrals for our more complex surgeries and value of services in excess EC$79 million. Additionally, across the rest of the Eastern Caribbean, WPP has assisted over 5800 children, with a value of services in excess of EC$195,000,000.

The organization relies on fundraising events, grants, and donations, to provide these services. For every US$1 donated, it mobilizes US$5 in resources and provides our children access to the critical healthcare that is not available locally.

SOURCE: Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment