World Pediatric Project (WPP) recently hosted its first dual mission for 2020 with a ten member team of highly qualified specialists between Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery. The Dual Mission was led and headed by a best-friend duo who have been coming to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for the last 20 years.

Dr. Donna Brown was the lead ophthalmologist while Dr. Nadia Blanchet led the Plastic surgery team at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. A team of ten qualified specialists ranging from pediatric ophthalmologist, plastic surgeons, pediatric anesthesiologist, registered nurse anesthetist, operating room nurse, registered nurse and surgical technician were on the island to facilitate the dual mission. This mission serviced a large number of children, most of whom were scheduled for surgery during the course of the week.

In an interview with the Ministry of Health's Communication Team, Dr. Brown said the team had a really successful week. She said they saw approximately 40 patients during clinic and were able to do a wide variety of cases for surgery. Some of the cases involved eye muscle problems, cornea transplant, cataract surgery, issues with eye development etc. When asked what had been the most amazing part of working with WPP she said “the fact that they connect needs with resources and there is so much needs around the world but a place like Saint Vincent and the other countries around this region, they have a finite problem that we can as sub-specialty surgeons really supply. So WPP, the staff ,the resources they are able to gather, connect those children with the particular surgeon or physician that is needed or for the therapy; for example, if we're doing orthopedic surgery, those children need physical therapy, so we try to connect that resource.” There was a total of 17 pediatric surgeries conducted by Dr. Brown and her team during the course of an intense and successful week.

Dr. Blanchet in a similar interview said “the amazing thing is how the program keeps getting better and better, it gets more and more organized, we have patients coming in from new islands every year, it continually improves and strives to improve and I think that really hooks you. This week, the most exciting thing is I operated with Dr. Jasmine Ellis (consultant pediatric surgeon at MCMH) all week long and I really feel that she has launched and can do them (surgeries) without me and that's a part of the mission of what we want to do”.

World Pediatric Project remains committed to their mission of building a better and brighter future for our children locally, regionally and internationally. Approximately 38 children were seen at the plastic surgery clinic; 9 of those were regional patients from Antigua, Dominica, Grenada and St. Lucia who benefit from assessments and surgery while a total of 17 surgeries were conducted during the week, 8 of those whereby local children were able to access care. WPP continues to prioritize the medical needs of our children and research means of providing them with the requisite care. The lives of families continue to be enhanced and given hope as WPP works with children with a range of medical challenges to ensure no child is left behind.

A diagnostic Cardiology Mission is set to start later this week Friday, 28th February - Monday, 2rd March, 2020, at the Milton Cato Memorial which is being led by Dr. William Moskowitz. Over 100 persons are expected to be assessed during this clinic.


SOURCE: Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment