The World Pediatric Project (WPP) has said it is developing a Pilot Program in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which it will use to serve the rest of the region in Neonatal Care or Intensive Care.

Neonatal Care is a form of Intensive Care provided for babies who have serious health problems, resulting from issues such as premature birth or extremely low birth weight.

Jaqueline Brown King, WPP Director for the Eastern Caribbean told NBC News that their recent 6th Neonatal Intensive Care Mission to the country was very successful and the work done locally will be replicated to train other health professionals in other Caribbean islands.

She said that local and regional health professionals have also been travelling to St. Louis in the United States where the World Pediatric Project has its headquarters, to learn even more about the work which the WPP does within the region.

Mrs. Brown King said that the training programs and other work which the WPP has done locally and regionally has been very successful thus far and this is evident in the improvement of Health Care delivery.