The role of Central Medical Stores is to accurately forecast the medical and pharmaceutical needs of the nation, procure supplies in a timely manner and efficiently distribute them to health care institutions, in order to meet the needs of the patients and to monitor the utilisation of these supplies in order to ensure the cost effectiveness of the process.

Ordering/Requisitioning: Allocated Stores

Users are requested to follow correct ordering patterns using their prescribed schedules. For example, All Wards – fortnightly, Accident & Emergency, Operating Theatre and Central Pharmacy – weekly, Pathology Lab, Nurses' Hostel, School of Nursing, Louis Punnett Home, Mental Health Centre, Housekeeping – MCMH and all District Hospitals and Health Centres –monthly.

Requisitioning Officers are required to:
  1. Check inventory/stock on hand to ascertain their needs for the week, fortnight or month.
  2. Complete requisition forms in TRIPLICATE.
  3. Submit signed ORIGINAL and DUPLICATE copies to Central Medical Stores. Retain triplicate copy for office/department/ward files.
Overseas Orders:
  1. During the month of March, contracts for Pharmaceuticals and some Medical Supplies are awarded at the OECS Tenders Adjudication Committee meeting held in St.Lucia.
  2. The Medical Storekeeper is required to submit a forecast of the country’s needs in September – at least seven months prior to the adjudication.
  3. The Medical Storekeeper will submit three (3) Requisitions for contracted Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies to the Permanent Secretary for approval, signature and dispatch via FEDEX, to OECS PPS. This exercise will be carried out at three fixed times per year – July, October and February.
  4. Each Requisition sent will be prepared in triplicate. Original copy will go to OECS PPS, duplicate will be kept on the Ministry of Health and the Environment files, and triplicate returned to CMS.